Jarrod Fowler, M.Sc., The Xerces Society, USDA-NRCS TSP

Entomological Horticulture, Pollinator Conservation, ?



  • Pollinator Conservation and Conservation Biological Control Specialist at The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Technical Service Provider of Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plans for New England farmers, landowners, and wildlife. Work informed by over 15 years of horticulture and entomology practice and training. Proficient in science-based and sustainable pollinator habitat assessment, design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring. Email: jarrod@xerces.org.
  • Consumer-Decomposer-Producer of Environmental (Non-)Music [...]. Praxis (completely-incompletely) metamorphosed (from) [1st instar] percussion music (1982-2001), [2nd instar] experimental percussion music (2001-2004), [3rd instar] conceptual percussion and ecology-of-rhythm performance-research (2004-2008; Kim-Cohen 2009; Dworkin 2013), [4th instar] Non-Music (from) Rhythm (2008-2011; Morton 2013), [5th instar-pupa-imago?] (Non-)Phenology (2011-????). No more sustained than suspended international events with Kieran Daly, Taku Unami, ... ?: j@jarrodfowler.com.