Jarrod Fowler, M.Sc., NRCS TSP

Entomological Horticulture, Pollinator Conservation, Transdisciplinarity


  • Ecological landscape consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and propagation
    • Biodiverse and native habitat gardens, farmscapes, meadowscapes, and xeriscapes
    • Conserved, reconciled, and restored environments
  • Phenology analysis and monitoring
    • Biological calendars
    • Phenology gardens
  • Plant and pollen identification and preference analysis
    • Inventories and surveys
    • Nectarscapes and pollenscapes
  • Pollinator conservation, identification, management, monitoring, and rearing
    • Inventories and surveys
    • Shelters and nests
  • Pollinator habitat analysis, assessment, creation, and enhancement
    • Biocontrol, hostplant, and insectary gardens
    • Conservation buffers, cover crops, field borders, and hedgerows
  • Public talks, walks, and workshops
Email to schedule consultation or presentation: j@jarrodfowler.com.







Instructor of Entomological Horticulture and Departmental Assistant at Stockbridge School of Agriculture, University of Massachusetts Amherst. United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Technical Service Provider of Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plans for New England farmers, landowners, and wildlife. Work informed by over 15 years of horticulture and entomology practice and training. Proficient in ecological horticulture and sustainable pollinator habitat assessment, design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring. Available for science-based consultation, collaboration, and independent contracting: j@jarrodfowler.com.

Consumer-decomposer-producer of environmental (non-)music [...]. Praxis (completely-incompletely) metamorphosed (from) [1st instar] percussion music (1982-2001), [2nd instar] experimental percussion music (2001-2004), [3rd instar] conceptual percussion and ecology-of-rhythm performance-research (2004-2008; Kim-Cohen 2009; Dworkin 2013), [4th instar] non-music (from) Rhythm (2008-2011; Morton 2013), [5th instar] (non-)phenology (2011-Nth instar-pupa-imago? [dependent on environmental conditions]). No more sustained than suspended events in Asia, Europe, and United States with Taku Unami, Mattin, Moé Kamura, Masafumi Ezaki, Kieran Daly, ... ?: j@jarrodfowler.com.